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RS 07: Vice President for Student Affairs

(Administrative History)


RS 7/1: Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  RS 7/1/0/0: News Clippings
  RS 7/1/0/1: Annual Reports, 1987, 2005-2011
  RS 7/1/0/2: Student Affairs Newsletter, 1975-1997
  RS 7/1/1: Subject Files
  RS 7/1/2: Biographical Files
  RS 7/1/3: Administrative Records
  RS 7/1/11: Wilbur L. Layton Papers
  RS 7/1/12: Thomas B. Thielen Papers
  RS 7/1/13: Thomas L. Hill Papers
RS 7/2: Office of Admissions
  RS 7/2/0/6: Office of Admissions Annual Statistical Reports
  RS 7/2/4: Office of Admissions, Admissions Reports
  RS 7/2/5: Office of Admissions, New Student Programs Records
RS 7/3: Dean of Students Office
  RS 7/3/8/4: Office of Greek Affairs. Sutherland and Jellison Awards Nomination Packets
  RS 7/3/11: Maurice D. Helser Papers
RS 7/4: Department of Residence
RS 7/4/3: Department of Residence Buildings Records
  RS 7/4/4: Department of Residence, Union Drive Houses Records
  RS 7/4/5: Department of Residence, Richardson Court Houses Records
  RS 7/4/6: Department of Residence, Towers Houses Records
  RS 7/4/12: Julian C. Schilletter Papers
RS 7/5: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  RS 7/5/1: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Subject Files
  RS 7/5/4: Black Cultural Center (Ames, Iowa) Records
  RS 7/5/5: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Videotapes
  RS 7/5/6: Carver Academy Records
RS 7/8: University Recreation Services
  RS 7/8/3: Recreation Services Administrative Records
RS 7/9: Office of the Registrar
  RS 7/9/4: Office of the Registrar, Commencement Records
  RS 7/9/11: J. R. Sage Papers
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