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RS 09: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

(Administrative History)


RS 9/1: Office of the Dean
  RS 9/1/5/0/2: Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture Newsletters
  RS 9/1/5/1: Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture Subject Files
  RS 9/1/5/2: Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture Biographical Files
RS 9/1/11: James A. "Tama Jim" Wilson Papers
RS 9/1/12: Charles F. Curtiss Papers
RS 9/1/13: Henry H. Kildee Papers
RS 9/2: Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station
  RS 9/2/0/0: News Clippings
  RS 9/2/0/1: Annual Reports
  RS 9/2/0/2: Newsletters
  RS 9/2/0/3: Brochures
  RS 9/2/0/4: Publications
  RS 9/2/0/5: Wartime Farm and Food Policy Publications
  RS 9/2/0/6: An Series [Newsletter]
  RS 9/2/1: Subject Files
  RS 9/2/2: Biographical Files
  RS 9/2/3: Administrative Records
  RS 9/2/4: Research Project Records
  RS 9/2/10: Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, Research and Demonstration Farms Records
  RS 9/2/17: John P. Mahlstede Papers
RS 9/2/51: Pearl Pauline Swanson Papers
RS 9/2/52: Earl Orel Heady Papers
RS 9/2/53: William G. Gaessler Papers
RS 9/6: Department of Agricultural Education
RS 9/6/51: John B. McClelland Papers
RS 9/7: Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  RS 9/7/0/5: Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Corn Production Machinery Investigations Annual Reports
RS 9/7/10: Clarence Zintheo Papers
RS 9/7/11: Jay Brownlee Davidson Papers
RS 9/7/13: Hobart Beresford Papers
RS 9/7/15 Howard P. Johnson Papers
RS 9/7/51: Norval J. Wardle Papers
RS 9/7/52: Wesley Fisher Buchele Papers
RS 9/7/53: Sherwood S. DeForest Papers
  RS 9/7/56: Dale O. Hull Papers
  RS 9/7/60: W. Wallace Ashby Papers
RS 9/8: Department of Agricultural Education and Studies
  RS 9/8/3: Agriculture 450 Farm Records
  RS 9/8/51: Robert L. Skinner Papers
RS 9/9: Department of Agronomy
  RS 9/9/3: Iowa Crop Improvement Association Records
  RS 9/9/5: Department of Agronomy Creative Components
RS 9/9/12: William H. Stevenson Papers
RS 9/9/13: Percy E. Brown Papers
RS 9/9/51: John Crosby Eldredge Papers
RS 9/9/52: Harold D. Hughes Papers
  RS 9/9/53: Earl N. Bressman Papers
RS 9/9/55: Frank F. Riecken Papers
RS 9/9/56: Carroll Wilsie Papers
  RS 9/9/57: Joseph L. Robinson Papers
  RS 9/9/58: Louis M. Thompson Papers
  RS 9/9/59: John M. Bremner Papers
  RS 9/9/60: Don Kirkham Papers
RS 9/9/61: Grace and Minoru Amemiya Papers
  RS 9/9/63: Robert H. Shaw Papers
RS 9/10: Department of Animal Ecology
RS 9/10/0/5: Department of Animal Ecology Alumni Newsletters
  RS 9/10/4: Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Records
RS 9/10/52: K. D. Carlander Papers
  RS 9/10/53: William L. Franklin Papers
  RS 9/10/54: Erwin E. Klaas Papers
RS 9/11: Department of Animal Science
RS 9/11/3: Animal Science Department, Poultry Science Records
RS 9/11/15: P. S. Shearer Papers
  RS 9/11/18: Solon A. Bud Ewing Papers
RS 9/11/51: Gordon C. Ashton Papers
  RS 9/11/52: Jay L. Lush Papers
RS 9/11/53: Richard L. Willham Papers
RS 9/11/54: Wise Burroughs Papers
  RS 9/11/55 Damon Von Catron Papers
RS 9/11/58: William A. Craft Papers
RS 9/11/60: Robert M. Melampy Papers
RS 9/12: Department of Entomology 
RS 9/12/11: Herbert Osborn Papers
  RS 9/12/51: Robert E. Lewis Papers
RS 9/13: Department of Food Technology
  RS 9/13/0/5: Department of Food Technology Laboratory Manuals
  RS 9/13/17: Earl Gullette Hammond Papers
RS 9/14: Department of Forestry
RS 9/14/0/0: Department of Forestry News Clippings, 1916-2002
RS 9/14/0/1: Department of Forestry Annual Reports, 1973-1982
RS 9/14/0/2: Department of Forestry Newsletters, 1924-1989
RS 9/14/0/3: Department of Forestry Brochures, 1913-1986, undated
RS 9/14/0/5: Ames Forester Records
RS 9/14/1: Department of Forestry Subject Files
RS 9/14/2: Department of Forestry Biographical Files
RS 9/14/3: Department of Forestry Administrative Records
RS 9/14/4: Department of Forestry Course Materials
RS 9/14/5: Department of Forestry Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Project Records
RS 9/14/6: Department of Forestry 50th Anniversary Records
RS 9/14/7: Department of Forestry Camp Records
RS 9/14/8: Department of Forestry Plantation Records
RS 9/14/9: Department of Forestry Creative Components
RS 9/14/11: G. B. MacDonald Papers
RS 9/14/12: George B. Hartman Papers
RS 9/14/13: Carl H. Stoltenberg Papers
RS 9/14/14: Henry H. Webster Papers
RS 9/14/15: George Thomson Papers
RS 9/14/16: Steven E. Jungst Papers
RS 9/14/51: Leonard Kellogg Papers
  RS 9/14/52: David W. Countryman Papers
  RS 9/14/55: Julius Larsen Papers
  RS 9/14/56: Carl J. Goebel Papers
  RS 9/14/58: Carl W. Mize Papers
  RS 9/14/71: Dean Richard Yoesting Papers
RS 9/15: Department of Genetics  
RS 9/15/11: Ernest W. Lindstrom Papers
RS 9/15/12: John Gowan Papers
  RS 9/15/16: Alan G. Atherly Papers
RS 9/16: Department of Horticulture
RS 9/16/13: Joseph Lancaster Budd Papers 
  RS 9/16/16: Arthur Thomas Erwin Papers
RS 9/16/22: Charles V. Hall Papers
RS 9/16/53: Jules Cool Cunningham Papers
RS 9/16/54: Thomas J. Maney Papers
  RS 9/16/55: Griffith J. Buck Papers
RS 9/17: Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  RS 9/17/51: Joe P. Colletti Papers
  RS 9/17/52: Richard B. Hall Papers
  RS 9/17/53: Mon-lin Kuo Papers
  RS 9/17/54: Lita C. Rule Papers
  RS 9/17/55: Richard C. Schultz Papers
RS 9/18: Department of Plant Pathology
RS 9/18/51: E. P. Sylwester Papers
RS 9/18/52: David Staniforth Papers
RS 9/19: Seed Science Center
  RS 9/19/11: Howard Porter Papers