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History of Iowa State: Campus Buildings

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For Whom it is Named

By David Craft (1983 Edition) and
Steve Jones (1989 Edition)
University Relations
University Archives  (2003 Edition)

Campus Streets Named for People

Bissell Road ‑‑ George Welton Bissell was a professor and head of mechanical engineering in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Daley Drive ‑‑ Wanda Daley was a long‑time assignments coordinator for University Student Apartments. Daley Drive is in Pammel Court.

Elwood Drive (University Blvd. as of 2007) ‑‑ Philip H. Elwood was head of the department of landscape architecture from 1929 to 1951. Elwood House in South Helser Hall also is named in his honor.

Haber Road ‑‑ Ernest S. Haber served as head of the department of horticulture from 1947 to 1961. He was noted for his research in the areas of sweet corn, potato and onion breeding. Haber House in South Helser Hall also is named in his honor.

Kooser Drive ‑‑ Herold L. Kooser served Iowa State from 1925 to 1971 as an assistant professor of visual instruction in engineering instruction and later as director of the Visual Instruction Service and Educational Film Library Association.

Carrie Lane Court ‑‑ Carrie (Lane) Chapman Catt, an 1880 graduate of Iowa State, was one of the founders of American feminism. She succeeded Susan B. Anthony as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and founded the League of Women Voters.

Marston Court ‑‑ Anson Marston was the first dean of engineering, serving from 1904 to 1932. Marston Hall, Marston Water Tower and Ames' Marston Avenue also are named in his honor.

Morrill Road ‑‑ U.S. Senator Justin Smith Morrill introduced the bill establishing land grant colleges. Morrill Hall also is named in his honor.

Osborn Drive ‑‑ Herbert Osborn was head of the zoology, entomology and geology department from 1885 to 1898. Osborn Cottage also is named in his honor.

Pammel Drive ‑‑ Louis H. Panel was a botanist and botany department head who served Iowa State from 1889 to 1931. Pammel Court, Panel Woods and Pammel State Park in Madison County also are named in his honor.

Richardson Court ‑‑ Anna E. Richardson was dean of home economics from 1923 to 1927. Richardson Court Association residence complex also is named for her.

Riggs Court ‑‑ M. J. Riggs was an 1893 graduate in civil engineering and former president of Iowa State's Alumni Association.

Sheldon Avenue ‑‑ Parley Sheldon was mayor of Ames from 1884 to 1915 and postmaster from 1885 to 1890 and had an extensive "unofficial" involvement with Iowa State.

Stange Road ‑‑ Charles Henry Stange served as dean of veterinary medicine from 1909 to 1936. Stange House in North Friley Hall also is named in his honor.

Wallace Road ‑‑ Believed to be named for Henry C. "Harry" Wallace, 1893 graduate of Iowa State who became editor of Wallaces Farmer upon his father's death in 1916 and who later served as U.S. secretary of agriculture under President Warren G. Harding.

Welch Road ‑‑ Adonijah S. Welch was the first president of Iowa State College, serving from 1868 to 1883. He was married to Mary B. Welch, for whom Welch Hall is named.

Wilson Road ‑‑ James "Tama Jim" Wilson was dean of agriculture from 1890 to 1897 and U.S. secretary of agriculture for 16 years. Wilson Hall and Ames' Wilson Avenue also are named in his honor.

Winlock Road ‑‑ Col. Peyton Winlock was chief of the field artillery section of the Army ROTC unit at Iowa State from 1937 to 1942.