Oh those sweet and tangy little pies, served with just the right amount of whipped topping. VEISHEA would not be VEISHEA without these much-loved pastries. Sponsored by the Department of Apparel, Educational Studies, and Hospitality Management, this ultimate bake sale has in recent years, sold over 8,000 pies. Money earned from the sale goes to fund departmental scholarships.  



Children enjoying cherry pies, 1948



  Students making cherry pies, 1947

Student making cherry pies, 1966

The Division of Home Economics began selling these delicious treats in 1920 as a fundraiser during its HEC Day celebration. The pies were originally served with ice cream rather than whipped topping. The tradition of selling cherry pies is even older than VEISHEA itself.

Students making cherry pies for HEC Day, 1922


Student carrying a sign to let VEISHEA goers know that only 72 pies remain. VEISHEA, 2000.