1949 VEISHEA Queen of Queens, Eleanor Rickman, and her attendants, Mirm Keilman, Dorthea Kuschmann, Joan Weinhardt, and Pat Hussey


VEISHEA’s Queen of Queens reigned from 1938, when Mary Janet McDonald was crowned, to 1970 when the tradition was discontinued.  The queen was selected from the numerous campus queens, such as the Engineer’s Lady, Harvest Queen, Veterinary Queen, Pep Queen, Honorary Cadet Colonel, and the Four Bomb Beauties.  The queen’s attendants were also selected from this group.  During the 1940s, several well-known actors had the honor of choosing the queen, including Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Cary Grant.  In 1970, Joyce Stout was the last to be crowned VEISHEA Queen of Queens.



Mary Janet McDonald, first VEISHEA Queen of Queens, 1938




Joyce Stout, last VEISHEA Queen of Queens, 1970