Baseball was played informally at Iowa State College from the earliest days of the college. In 1892, the Iowa Inter-Collegiate Base Ball Association was formed with Drake, Iowa College at Grinnell, Iowa State, and the University of Iowa as charter members.  Cornell College joined the Association in 1893.  Each year the League's overall champion received "The Silver Bat."  This bat, a traveling trophy, was said to have cost $40.00 at the time of purchase.

Baseball at Iowa State
Baseball at Iowa State, n.d.

Home contests for "The Silver Bat" would have been played on this diamond, located north and west of Morrill Hall.  Beardshear Hall and the Hub are in the background.  Morrill Hall is partly obscured by trees.   The football field and track were to the west of the baseball diamond.  The baseball diamond was in this location from 1895 until about 1914, when the athletic fields were moved to the area south of State Gym.

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